Design event Antwerp

It’s almost time for our design meeting. As usual, 3 top notch speakers will give some insights, inspires you, teaches you something or just give you  good time. For now we can only present you 2 names, since the 3th couldn’t make it after all but we’re working on an alternative.

Nelleke van der Maas - My design process: from Concept to Completion.

Designing a meaningful concept is a crucial step in any project. Nelleke (Freelance Digital Designer & Art-director) is going to walk through her creation of a concept and inspiration process. Step-by-step she will explain where to begin and how to find inspiration, and she'll give tips on how to showcase and increase visibility of your work using the Behance network.

Nelleke began her career in digital media in 2005 at 19 years of age at digital agency MediaCatalyst. Since then she freelanced for a couple of years, collaborating with Holland's leading digital agencies and worked a year abroad in South Africa as a full-time Creative Team Lead. She's recently moved to Antwerp, where she is freelancing again. Check out her portfolio here: www.designedbynelleke.com

Miech Rolly – The Parking Lot’s unusual projects

Miech Rolly is both Miech’s real and  artist name. Miech is Co-founder and creative director of The Parking Lot, a design studio with an expertise in digital advertising that’s been around for 13 years. In these years TPL has going trough an evolution obviously, an evolution that is as well influenced by quite some unusual projects TPL has done for themselves, not for clients. Projects they found inspiring. Projects that let them discover new angles, learned new techniques. Projects they’ve done because they had some time to kill or just because they wanted to. Projects like making books and creating t-shirts that have nothing to do with their day to day.

Mark Graham Dunn - Designing for Big Data.

An introduction to a new type of online evolution (big data) that is creating a stir on the interwebs redefining existing markets & creating new ones; which sadly many designers are not aware of and should be.
Mark will lift the veil on a big data project he has been working on for the past year for Adhese as an interface designer.

Unfortunately Mark is not going to make it due to illness. We're looking for a replacement! If you think you have a nice design topic you can cover in 45m, or if you know someone, drop us a line.

The event will be hosted in Antwerp, most likely at the Karel de Grote campus at the Groenplaats (we still need confirmation). Doors open at 18h30, and we start around 19h00. The event ends at 22h and afterwards you are welcome to drink a glass somewhere at the Groenplaats with a bunch of us.

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