Enterprise SIG Event

Enterprise meeting with 3 hi-fi sessions, made possible with the kind help of Cronos.
Date and place: September 13, 18h, Moonbeat Mechelen

Common Mobile Architecture – Michael Seghers & Filip Maelbrancke (iDA MediaFoundry)

As mobile development finds its way into the enterprise world, the applications become increasingly more complex.

Quick and dirty solutions lead to unmaintainable, and even erroneous code. By applying an architecture using design patterns and proven best practices we avoid these problems.

And thus the need for a good architecture becomes ever so important. In search of a good methodology we discovered that, not surprisingly, the needs in various environments are the same, and can be tackled in the same way. Whether it's Android, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, iOS and maybe even other mobile platforms, the main building blocks of this architecture might always come back. The gains of a common architecture is that the principals behind it only need to be explained once, and can be applied on different platforms.

Apache Flex and Spoon and the Future – Roland Zwaga (Stack & Heap)

This presentation describes the move from Adobe Flex to Apache Flex, what is Apache Flex and what is it NOT.
How does the Spoon Foundation play into all of this?

  • How can you contribute to the Apache Flex SDK?
  • Why did it take so long for the Adobe Flex SDK to be donated to Apache?
  • What is the roadmap for Apache Flex?
  • What is Falcon and FalconJS?

All of these questions, and hopefully more, will be answered in this Presentation.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Jan Van Coppenolle (iDA MediaFoundry)

Adobe DPS is a solution to create, distribute and monetize digital publications.

In this presentation we will cover some major area's of the DPS solution:

  • Rich content authoring in InDesign
  • The viewer customization possibilities of Enterprise Edition, using HTML5
  • Integration with E-Commerce platforms, In-app purchase and entitlement

These features open up quite a few possibilities to design and deliver the next generation of digital content.

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