Web event, the agency edition


We like to invite you to our web event at the end of the month. We have some speakers for you that will cover topics that are more or less agency related, but are relevant outside an agency context as well.

By bringing these topics we will share some great insights and also show how jobs that might be considered boring or unnecessary can be tackled in a fun way, and best of all make a real difference in process and/or end result.

We’re proud to present you these domain experts

  • Robby Remmerie, UX Director of Nascom. He’ll be talking about “evil UX”, or User eXperience, offering you quite some best practices
  • Andreas, manager from Made With Love will be talking about deployment and version control
  • Seppe Buyse, cofounder of AdSomeNoise, which is a specialized banner agency will prove banners are not simply a pain in the *** but an opportunity to create real and beautiful communication, even in 40 kb’s


Our event takes place at the IBBT offices in Ghent.
Attention: due to availability issues we changed the date to Wednesday instead of Thursday. So you’re expected Wednesday September 26.

You can register at eventbrite by clicking the “I’m attending” button below. Places are limited so only register if you intended to come, but feel free to bring any of your friends. Drinks after the sessions will be provided by the usergroup.

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